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Autobiography, Spiritual Science and Conspiracy theories

This autobiography is being written for educational purpose.
Combined story with explanation of discoveries made years later…

To ease the reader to understand this whole Blog;

"Battle Shaft Armageddon"
All four of my grandparents were born in Armenia,

Where I believe is the Biblical place called Armageddon,

Where the armies gather for the final conflict;

Yet the war is not fought with rifles...

Today a great majority of wars only benefit the factories that produces the guns, in the book George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography I read that starting from his grandfather they were in business promoting guns to benefit gun factories

The gathering is at heart!!!

My father was born in Saratov, Russia

And my mother in Mashhad, Iran and I was born in Tehran, Iran

On December 26th 1957;-
December 26th 1831 was the day of

And invention of Faraday Homopolar Generator;

a source of Free Energy?!!

In the next few paragraphs I use the term Montauk Project, some people are familiar and most people are not, very briefly it was or is the base for the "BEAST", where they stole,-hypnotized,- molested,- tortured children from all over the world to trigger certain events in human history, of the beginning of this process you can read at The Philadelphia Experiment , through wormholes they accessed different times as well as spaces
Dec 26 is birthday of Mao Zedong,
I sympathize deeply with the cause of Tibetan genocide.

Genocides take toll one after the other as if some unknown source is craving something that can be achieved by death of masses;
Genocide of Communists in Germany was just over by the Montauk Boy Adolf Hitler, That this other Monkauk Boy Mao Zedong came into action, to kill The greatest source of metaphysicists in the world; Tibet, where as Lobsang Rampa spoke of it; they massacred the monasteries in the name of The Glorious people of China,- using the excuse that Karl Marx said that religious people were reactionary, on the contrary they killed the best Religion on Earth could have, I have personally suffered greatly from the dogma of organized religion which is a puppet organization to glorify political structure of each country and which in reality separates man from the living GOD, by having standard doctrines read in religious books, well Karl Marx was Michael the Archangel, he who for the first time puts the Beast down (Revelations)

This Montauk machine or systems alike, - use any falsification of information possible at the times of historical event at hand, for example for the:
which was done in a majority of Muslim populated area; they used the propaganda that the Armenians are Christians who are infidel according to the Quran, which is a confusion of information, because the Quran does criticize Christians of the time, but not to a point of killing. Even there is criticism of churches in the Bible (Seven Letters to Seven Churches)

In massacre of Communists in Germany in World War II they called the Jews (the majority of communists) "Christ killers", which was a propaganda that could be used to fool the majority

My uncles were true communist martyrs, who went trough torture for their faith, they had nothing nationalistic they were Armenians fighting for Iran, and were married with a Baha'i ( like Marko Rodin) Persian and an Assyrian respectively, which puts those people under my protection as members of my family. Communism does not know Nationalism

The most recent Genocide of 3.5 million Iraqis by Bush in the name of Democracy

These mass murders happen in repeating patterns that it is possible that a group of alien civilizations are looking for human body parts for nutrition, they snatch the bodies by teleportation when the head count is difficult
(Antoids are known to eat human meat and Reptoids bath inhuman plasma for nourishment, such reports exist)

Which with some details have been mentioned by
Laura Knight-Jadczyk.
Of course she has a beautiful argument that what should we expect treating our lower species like that?

I will quote Tore Alfstad below:

"The pollution on the astral level does not consist of chemicals. The pollution on this level consists of the negative feelings which are made in other beings by the humans. Example: When an animal is killed by the humans this creates negative feeling energies in the animal, which pollutes the astral level. The common way of agriculture produces animal pollutants at the astral level. When the animal is kept within a cage all its life this creates negative feelings in the animals, which are transmitted to the astral level. Painful experiments on animals also pollute the astral level."

Treating our lower species for food karmically puts a great curse on our souls
I do not eat anything that has been killed,

Below is quoted Isaiah Chapter 11

The spirit of the LORD shall rest upon...
The spirit of wisdom and understanding,
The spirit of counsel and might,
The spirit of knowledge ...

The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb,

And the leopard shall lie down with the kid;

And the calf and the young lion shall feed each other;

And a little child shall lead them.

And the cow and the bear shall feed their young ones and shall lie down together:

And the lion shall eat straw like the ox.

They shall not hurt nor destroy in all

For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD,
As the waters cover the sea
... told me that we have had 3 Big Bangs
( Few UFO sites have also mentioned that)
and we have few more to go,
I’ve read Michio Kaku repeatedly that elements that exist on Earth could not have been all produced in the Sun because, the furnace is not hot enough for that, and heavy elements should have been produced in supernova and have been collected on Earth as Galactic dust,

Stephen Hawking questions that our universe is going to shrink after the expansion is over, or is it going to expand leaving
white dwarfs which are far more compressed than our planets but could be somewhat related to origin of moons

The book
Hermit Written by Lobsang Rampa The Hermit by some kind of extraterrestrial Time Travel Imaging visualizes the actual Big Bang, where he says bunch of Galaxies were present and a group of them start collapsing and the way it happens is that they form a comet like thing that collects Galaxies and collides the central sphere of the previous universe, at this time were left so many objects in space, that I suspect are collected in our Galaxies as planets, moons

God-Spirit as we know is an ultra dimensional Spirit that has been produced, after these Big Bangs probably in a far more advanced type of Universe (Omni verse) in the far far future,- where time as we understand looses meaning

I have 12 cats and am presently learning how to cook Vegan cat food

Or The Book Oahspe, written by automatic handwriting

"If The Lord wanted the animal dead, he would have created it dead"

And above is all I understand about God,

Buddha once stood on front of the hunters and told them to kill him and eat his meat,

This extraterrestrial cannibals have a lot invested in their food source etc.

It produces the "proper Karma" for us humans when we eat meet we become meat for them
Dec 26 is celebrated as Boxing Day in some nations
The day of two major Earthquakes;

At 2003 and at 2004

I have hidden memories and character of Che Guevara ,

The reason I mentioned this here is that at one year old they say I suddenly changed hair color maybe a case like Al Bielek age regressed at Phoenix project?

Or that I am of his overself ?

Or this could be an imprint, I am not sure which yet

Imprint is according to the concept; after death of a person, his consciousness, his memories become available in a library of spiritual substance; these imprints can be accessed by souls for various reasons including those who have not previously incarnated on earth in order to gain a bit of knowledge on the way things work here in 3D earth land

I've read about imprints in literatures of

Ruth Montgomery and Dolores Cannon

See picture comparison;

Above is Che, and below is me!

My memories before age of seven are rare and; I think in our world; memories alter like waves on the screen of an oscilloscope, and they might be unclear because they are dynamic wave forms, - because past goes through changes!!!

Here under title of “Interaction with respect to an energy plane”;

Tore Alfstad Norwegian channel says:

God sometimes changes the past?!!

I see an example of this in destruction of Sodom Gomorrah;-the Lord speaks to Abraham and tells him that it is going to be destroyed. Yet I read in the book Jesus and the Essenes by Dolores Cannon (revealed through hypnosis;- past life regression;) that the Area was 1200 feet below sea level and was full of coal tar wells, that lightening stroke it and burned it, area was high in radioactive material that could possibly caused atomic chain reactions that occur in an atomic bomb, so God being omnipotent and beyond time could have changed the past to derive such an atomic explosion?

When I was 7 years old my mother fell down with a sickness of the brain that hunted my family the next 35 years of her life. This made me a sad person in general, and more thoughtful than average growing child of those ages.

At 8 years old I had an accident with a mercury thermometer, which I believe eventually caused mercury poisoning of my brain; my detailed study of it is here:

My father Gourguen Pitchikian was one of the great architects in Iran, and when I was growing he gave me everything I needed, which to some extent was similar to Buddha’s younger days; I was 12 years old when he bought me a telescope, I was a space fan’ I had a personal notebook that included all the information I had gathered about the planets of our solar system, like how many moons they have, what are they called; what the length of their day and their year was, the molecular structure of their atmosphere, their distance from the sun, their mass…

At those ages I remember reading a Persian translation of work of a Russian astrobiologist by the name of
Theodor Chekhov.

At 12, I attended my first computer programming private classes, which was designed for high school graduates, and completed with high standing.

I remember the times of Apollo 11 Moon landing, the American-Iranian cultural center had brought a piece of Moon-rock for exhibition, and they asked me to prepare a speech for fellow students, which I did and also answered questions about it like what metals it contained, I remember one incident when I included Silicium in metals, and I was criticized that Silicium is not a metal,
yet that argument does not close there…

I was 13 when my name as a boy scout was in our local Armenian minority newspaper in Iran, as genius in mathematics and outstanding enthusiast in space science.

At age 15 I had a motorcycle accident, I hit a bump and flew in the air, went unconscious, I remember like a soul in after death situations, seeing my whole past in a moment, like a judgment day situation, I think this is due to achieving local light speed at point between life and death, because everything alive and phisical has time direction forward as we know it, everything astral has a speed beyond light, so time direction of astral should be reverse, at local light speed then time should be neutral or back and forth at the same time depending how we look at it,- that back and forth is so minute wave form that could be counted as non existent,

Creation of time is like putting a vibration on two railroads
at opposing directions

These two railroads push the trains in 2 different directions, so they can balance out

This time creation according to my observation happens at light speed

This would allow observer to see his whole life in no time

About speeds of physical and Astral Tore Alfstad has this chart,

Above chart states the limit of physical vibration is light speed,
Astral and mental frequencies are faster
This would put the state between life and death exactly at
light speed

And also in the book OAHSPE written by automatic handwriting by an astral entity; it says that light travels from Earth to the Sun and not as we believe naturally, he says that because his time reference point is in an opposite direction to us

I have considered being a Walk in of Che, since I had a near death experience on the motorcycle at which date the Walk in would have been possible

This accident I suppose had unusual effects on my life; I had put a dent on my helmet, and laid 10 days flat on my back with no motion or sleep on a hospital bed before I was healed enough to undergo surgery; later as I was reading

David Morehouse as quoted here:

“I was a Ranger commander, and I was training Jordanian rangers when I was accidentally shot in the head by a machine gun The round didn't penetrate my skull: It lodged in my helmet. But still its kinetic energy was significant enough to knock me out for a considerable amount of time. While I was knocked out, I had the first of many visions.”

The book:
Psychic Warrior is the story of psychic abilities that he had attained due to this accident and he had access to what is referred to as “Collective unconscious” , this Carl Jung's idea was correct yet I don't believe this could be taught in a regular school of psychology

Briefly speaking I,- likewise
David Morehouse,- self consciously perceive the collective unconsciousness: it is an existing "Brain"-wave exchanges that takes place in some type of a topological continuum of time-space where time and space as we know it loose meaning and events occur relative to the process of the mind, consciousness

I also feel that I am Ramanujan, the Hindu mathematician. And also Tibetan Lama Mingyar Dondup in Lobsang Rampa literature; note that above people lived simultaneously, and I can't be their incarnation! This subject I learned from Tibet that every 10 people on Earth could be derived from one overself that reside in dimensions higher that souls; or are these imprints, I do not really know, Deep Hypnosis could reveal some answers

These lives begin with the black gladiator Draba who fights Spartacus , who cannot bring himself to kill Spartacus & attacks his spectators, sacrificing himself in an attempt to kill Crassus.. The lord was watching over and after this life I was ascended; I became something similar to His Son this reflects in so many ways in reality, that even he could be my biological Father in this reality, in our Fractal Universe

The Lord as referred to in the Bible is rarely understood or even correctly imagined, we know that anything faster than light goes back in time, yet this speed can be increased to a point where it reaches speed of God, (Tore Alfstad Is the only scholar that could assist in understanding this subject by assigning speeds to mind and ... ) at that point, the frequency becomes time wise omnipotent, so God is produced in the future, yet being beyond time has manipulated / if not completely controlled the BIRTH of this universe, BIRTH as he calls it, he showed me a location where he resided even before BIRTH

Since every thing is started with nothing, overall balance of universe requires a balance of big and small, this subject has never been introduced to human mind, anything big should be somehow small to balance out. Like the universe is big yet the average mass of the universe is so small, or an atom is small yet the energy within it is so big

So God is a dot, and the dot is located in the Toric complex belonging to my reality that I have discussed in my blog three Klein Knot

Other lives like Iranian poet Hatef Esfehani ...

At age 18, together with 7 other Armenians joined a Kung Fu Temple lead by Great Grand Master
Ebrahim Mirzaiea

Although my father was born in Saratov, Russia and had escaped from the Russian communist regime, my heroic uncles were members of the Iranian communist party who were fighting the ugly dictatorship of Shah of Iran, my uncles had been captured and tortured by the CIA regime of Iran called SAVAK and I had deep inner anger towards oppression, and a Kung Fu Temple; one like Grand Master Ebrahim Mirzaiea had founded was the place for me.

The school was supposed to be consisted of seven schools: (1) School of physical education, (2) School of philosophy and analysis of religions, (3) School of Dynamic Zen or Meditation, (4) School of Spirit that is understanding the higher vibratory levels of existence, (5) School of Medicine and acupuncture, (6) School of Sciences (physics, mathematics, …) (7) School of psychology

Mirzaiea I believe is the greatest intellect, who ever walked on Earth, and his achievements are unbelievable; we had a discipline that could be noted in history of mankind…

I was about 19 when I was admitted to
the National University of Iran to study mathematics, and it was time of riots at college and My Kung fu skills at the time were sharp, I was trained in the private school of the founder of the green brigade in Iran, once at college I intimidated four antiriot officers single handedly; And whenever I observed oppression I could easily overpower corrupted authorities where physical combat was the issue

At the time of the so called revolution we (the Armenian Kung Fu students) went to our Masters house and offered assistance to attack the Palace of Shah of Iran...

I was physically involved with the kung fu temple for 15 months, yet with severe concentration and best schooling possible after that short time I was able to compete with the masters of other schools.

After this learning, I joined the youth group of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation where I went through a very pleasant Armenian Spiritual training and rebirth in new left-wing social sciences.

It might be important to state that at once after all these heavy activities I psychologically fell, for a while I felt very tired similar to a bad case of chronic fatigue, due to mercury poisoning, I laid on a floor day after day, can’t recall for how long, my mother was an artist; she though classical piano and had a good collection of classical music, which in fact put me back on my feet, with few drops of spirituality, time after time, my soul was healed and I could start being active again, after this,- in fact,- for about six months I applied sever discipline to myself, and did not waist a second of time in the day, I would start the day at 6.00 AM with running and exercise then I would read serious subjects all day long till I went to bed , fine constructive music was my healing and rest, started with southing work of

Ravel and Sibelius, after a while listened to Beethoven, I lived all Beethoven’s symphonies… in those times of heavy concentration and self-discipline,- once had a religious experience reading Zoroaster the Persian prophet and founder of righteousness, I experienced Metatronic light, like death could not exist for me…After that day I remember quitting reading philosophy anymore, because I had found the answer; which was the eternal battle of good against evil; the basic Zoroastrian theme…

Metatronic light is the full light spectrum that is rarely understood or explained on Earth today, our light spectrum as I have discussed in my blog The beginning is only a linear representation of our five parallel realities,-Oritronic light

It was necessary for me to study sciences and everything else that were mentioned in the 7 schools above, so I made a decision to come to America;-well this decision was made somewhat beyond me; - This was the social fashion or rather fever of the day, propaganda, - or subliminal propaganda, - stated that all answers were in America; I traveled to the USA.

In 1979 in Indianapolis, Indiana I finished the English school necessary to be able to go to College, and started Mathematics at IUPUI, I did one good semester in my entire life, that gives me the confidence that I could have done it all if unusual happenings were not to interrupt me?

Here again everything is described in a linear fashion where reality of time itself is not linear, and linear time as only a mere manifestation of more complex time-space continuum!!

At this time, in Indianapolis I had 3 roommates who were my Armenian comrades from the Kung Fu school in Iran and we were best friends in Iran, but here in USA suddenly the psychological or parapsychological conditions changed, and we indulged in a conflictive situation that could also be associated to phenomena discussed in mind control and conspiracy theories, we started fighting amongst one another and the conflicts caused so much stress: I was going to School in Mathematics, at the same time taking Taekwondo classes to be ready for a possible physical encounter with comrades in conflict, I simultaneously did weight lifting exercises and also to relax, took dance lessons, I heard a comment once that in five lessons I could dance like a master, in one month I attained a green belt in Taekwondo which was half way to the black belt; At the same time I passed my college tests with satisfactory grades, without spending time on studying,

Those days I would read mathematical formulas once like reading poetry, and that was enough to pass test. I noticed in these 4 weeks of extreme stress I had mutated, which was a purpose of Kung Fu's educational system!

This was time when hostage situation was going on in Iran, and me having this conflict in Indianapolis, decided to leave town and go to a larger town,-Chicago,- where more cultural activities were on stage. Yet instead I faced starvation as Banks at times of hostage crisis seemed to have sabotaged the Iranian students’ money, I failed school in Chicago because of poverty,- starvation,- at worse times I walked 10 to 12 hours a day to school and back and had one slice of cheese to eat that day,- but there was more than just that, something unusual was going on, later on in some clearing experience I had flashbacks of a 3 year abduction experience where at the end of it I was sent back to the same time space I was taken from and nobody would suspect that I had gone through a 3 year training in mental telepathy?!! About this experience I have talked here; http://tinyurl.com/34p33v which is a discussion in a clearing group: marsforce.

Reading David Morehouse about his training by military, strikes something through my subconscious mind that I have,- while abduction,- been through some training; via relaxation and certain techniques the person is put in different states of mind where powers of telepathy and remote viewing become more accessible.

This training occurred somehow similar to revelations of Michael Relfe; where around Great Lakes area he claims having his memories altered, as it is discussed starting page 60 here: The Mars Records and some flat memories were replaced with a true experience of abduction. My starvation and first experiences of telepathy seem not to have been so spontaneous???
So I was in Chicago, the time of
hostage situation in Iran,- going through starvation and misery instead of school, while there was $3000.00 in a Bank in Indianapolis in my account, and I repeat that I went through a strange experience, I started receiving telepathic massages;- detail is necessary here;- I had communicated with a girlfriend and had a cold war type condition with 2 of my Kung Fu comrades who were in Indianapolis;- I started understanding and hearing their thoughts;-
As a person is born and grows he becomes familiar with the fact that so many other people exist , because he receives the light frequency via eyes and sound frequency via ears and by touch he senses the matter, which is itself another form of frequency, mental telepathy includes oral visual and direct emotional wave exchanges that unfortunately are scarcely recognized by others and are perceivable through the third eye (this hyperlink will take you to a book that I actually translated to Persian)

In Chicago, I was glad as a monk would be, achieving a state of mental telepathy, but at the same time my conditions were pretty miserable, poverty at the stage of starvation which I had never experienced in life, and this unfriendly telepathic input from my ex-comrades as a continuation of our “battle” that was somehow initiated earlier in Indianapolis, this “battle” that I believe was initiated due to interference of some mind control institution, I retriggered by mailing an offensive letter back to Indianapolis, which apparently caused so much anger in the recipients,- my comrades,- that I could feel their anger and angry exercises to confront me and a telepathic friction that lasted for over six months.

Most strangely the letter that had retriggered this conflict came back to me, which meant they had never received it, so how come I could feel all that anger… an average psychology practitioner today is brainwashed that all this things fall in category of a mental illness called schizophrenia, yet psychologists as I have mostly seen are spiritually immature and programmable life forms that today they basically serve as devil’s advocates in an information warfare, to reduce the effect of greater senses and prophetic inspirations, they serve as the
Inquisition of Roman Catholic Church did in persecutions that would secure the power of the corrupt,- today in a more complex type of information warfare the torture is caused by disinformation and so called antipsychotic drugs (GOOGLE SEARCH) and they even make the family members of the victims believe that the victim is insane, and for that there are tactics available,- for example superimposing brainwaves through electroshock therapy (GOOGLE SEARCH), or electromagnetic mind control frequencies energy radiation
that is actually a dictation of a certain behavioral pattern that would make the victims act irrationally and to end in the hands of this automated INQUISITION systems called Psychology or behave as specified and/or desired, that are used also in wars to bring the opponent to surrender ...

Well after the conspiracy gossip let us see the heart of the matter why I was receiving intuitions there did not apparently exist:
Today scholars talk about

Parallel Universes, Physicist Fred Alan Wolf points out that some people that are actually referred as schizophrenic could be receiving information from other realities, as he says;
“Are schizophrenics receiving information from other worlds? Could a schizoid observer actually observe (in the famous double slit experiments) a wave becoming two particles and then one particle? Or could such an observation be made by an extremely blank and simple-minded watcher”

As I have stated in My Mercury Poisoning experience Mercury vapor in brain is influenced by forces similar to gravity, that can effect alternate realities, so I claim that the new idea of Physicist Fred Alan Wolf concerning schizophrenia (Highlighted Hyperlink) is true, and it is caused by mercury,- I had a living example experience of it.

These times were the times of my contemplating suicide (Hara-Kiri), as I had failed in my life purpose and education; I thought it would be the way of honor to commit hara-kiri as this was acceptable in Kung Fu, yet I was not going to open my stomach the way it was done in Japan, but I definitely wanted to end my life, because the telepathic messages that I was receiving were so negative; a 24 hours a day of psychic harassment, I had no use for that type of life, plus later on I learned that could have been part of programming that had been done to my subconscious mind, basically it is via hypnosis;- a person under hypnosis is commanded to kill himself in case he remembers something he should not remember, I suspect similar programming in my case also like page 244 in THE MARS RECORDS BOOK 2 it says

"Kill yourself if you remember this"

I was a student at Roosevelt University I had failed college due to starvation, and this was my final failure, I decided to go back to Iran to end my life, I was dreaming of dying by a firing squad, might have inherited this thought form from Che; 1967 Leading guerilla operations in Bolivia Captured and executed, in my memory it is stated that I was wounded in Bolivia and took over this body when the previous owner of this body died in a motorcycle accident 5 years later, I repeat that this is not very clear to me, as human brain can automatically rationalize and create ideas that would fit his own understanding. I might have few souls taking turn in this body, this subject is discussed by Hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon
in her books like A Soul Remembers Hiroshima or Between Death & Life

Here I am 21 years old;- I am back in Iran, and one night decided to take a walk to the American embassy while the hostages were still in there, I was dreaming of arranging an execution for myself, lately I have more input from my subconscious mind that the whole issue could have been a hypnotized programmed action to trigger some event unknown to me; anyhow after making a whole round around the embassy I was asked by a man in uniform to walk into their guard station where I talked to these people who introduced themselves as Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution

I talked to them honestly, and expressed my opinions on all subjects thinking that would have bought my execution, I was threatened to it, but later I was given a loaded rifle and asked to pull the hammer back, I told them that I did not know about guns...

I read in the Quran that if a person does not fight the Muslims, should be left alone; so by failing to pull the hammer of the gun I cancelled my execution!

This suicidal era had another little story; where I probably saved two Afghanis from serious injury, as in USA they hire Mexicans for cheaper labor, in Iran they hire Afghanis, so on a job we were pouring concrete to make some walls on the sides of a river to prevent flood waters to penetrate some residential area, the wall started 10 feet underground and it was elevated 15 feet above ground. The wooden frames were set and concrete truck was approaching and the two Afghanis were inside the wooden frame and could not see the outside, my sixth sense said that the concrete truck is going to fall on the Afghanis, because the driver was inexperienced; being suicidal I climbed a ladder to the top of the wooden frame and warned the workers to move aside from danger area, knowing that if the truck falls I would be in danger myself, and it fell right after the warning was done, I had no time to escape and stayed on the ladder as truck fell on the wooden frame and it collapsed, so the ladder I went up on was now down inside the hole and I was still standing on it, the ladder I had climbed up had gone down with me standing, all I had to do was to turn around and climb back up, and nobody was hurt!

This types of negative situations ended at once by what could be called a Divine intervention, all my torments of negative telepathic input ended at once and now I was starting to enter a dimension of light;
I will first tell the story and then will give my best guesses of why it happened that way?

Within 2 to 3 days the hell,- I was in,- turned to heaven, I started having positive telepathic input, my Kung Fu Master was saying that Hara-kiri was irrational, there was another sympathetic input, an Armenian voice very close to me was talking to me with certain wisdom and a loving playfulness,
I had a circular black meditation board with a white dot in its center that I was staring at the white dot for Kung Fu meditation, behind this board I had a Jesus Christ Portrait which resembled this one;

I had the meditation board hidden behind it as a camouflage, because starring at a white dot at the center of a black screen could have looked irregular

Anyhow in one of the turning point days as I glanced at the portrait the sympathetic voice told me; it is he who is talking to you,

I am not going to try to explain this entire ordeal because only those who have had similar experiences would understand it, but here I had a communication line with Christ which in this form lasted well over six months
In this positive era of my early months of telepathic experience there was present
Islam’s Ali

Christ would speak very few words in Armenian and German languages, according to my psychological condition they would input certain key words of understanding that would make me think better and be a better person

Ali would speak in a similar fashion except for he used Persian and Arabic languages. Sometimes humiliating and mostly encouraging, always friendly

Along with these two Giants of human spirituality also was present my Kung Fu Master
Ebrahim Mirzaiea

So now I am having all these great telepathic input, which includes learning and ascension, instead of suicidal now I was the opposite, I knew I was a missionary and was going to do great service to mankind it had to do with a legend of consciousness and moral, it also had to do with sacred geometry, at the time I could not understand till after about 25 years

At these times the
Iran-Iraq war started, Iranian radio was announcing that Iraqi forces bombed the populated villages at the border overnight. And simultaneously Iraqi radio was announcing that Iranian Forces attacked overnight, and we were thinking that they were lying ?!!

About 20 years later I was having these flashbacks of memories, that could be telepathic intuition of someone else's memories, that in an abduction process I was member of a group who were under hypnosis installing semi nucleic missiles at the Iraqi side to hit Iran and at the Iranian side to hit Iraq at the same time,- to start this war,- in the hypnosis they have several stages, like they say area is not populated, your deeper self knows that the area is populated, so at that stage they say that: you know both sides and they are worthless, there is no hope!!!

Anyhow at the time I wanted to go to war, and I thought that could be a part of my mission,- but my family, basically my mother overpowered me and they sent me to France to continue education, we had relatives in France, and also 2 of my Kung Fu comrades were there, and this trip,- instead of war and suicide,- was like heaven compared to hell as I had approval of spiritual beings of the righteousness of my endeavor,- So I was sent to France, and for a while it was all fun, I would exercise very heavily, and walk and talk to the prophets… I was magnetized, felt very powerful inside, spiritually and also physically

One thing I started discovering about the power system in France was that the leading force had assumed and was maintaining power through imposing some kind of homosexual psychology; I could sense something which is hard to explain, something was terribly wrong, to a point that a man of least amount of honor had to do something about it, I had to fight…

Later I learned that
homosexuality and pedophilia were actually the main columns of building power, as were used at Montauk project, and I also believe that Adolph Hitler was a Montauk Boy, and he had been stolen through these time portals to eliminate the possibility of a strong Marxist Government in Germany; by creating a false movement called national socialism, which in process of it's ignorance would eliminate itself they eliminated probably the main head of communism in Germany, the Jewish people, who would naturally follow their own German Jewish leader Karl Marx!
I read this in Michio Kaku’s book,-Einstein’s Cosmos that Hitler had stated to a German scientist who was asking him to spare Jewish scientists’ lives that:

"I have nothing against the Jews, except that they are all communists,"

About 20 years later I had this Lucid dream that they would have Hitler's followers strapped to this Montauk type Brainwash seats that puts the victim in orgasmic state, they would make the victim, the solder have feelings of orgasm as if Hitler was the female involved, and they would say "Heil to the Führer"

After hypnosis the victim would forget all,

This is my revelation as psychic.

Now here this pedophile government of France, and I have gone mad, we were thought at the Kung Fu temple, that at a point in the path of wisdom of Kung Fu one goes totally insane and angry, like a savage animal, later this cools down and one spends time in studying sciences and so on

So I allowed myself to experience ultimate anger and physical violence-, since this was part of the way of Kung Fu, - and initiated a one man battle against the mischievous government of France, all the crazy things I did, I do not really wish to repeat here, - but, - my memories state I stopped cars and trucks in the streets, - using faith and willpower, - having the delusion that those were army trucks? I now wonder whether these memories were false and imprinted…

At the end I ended up threatening an undercover police officer, I was attacked from behind and skillfully resisted arrest using my Kung Fu self defense techniques against some 5 or 6 police officers till they gave up and then I quit fighting and started cooperating…

Next day at the hospital I told the police sergeant that I had nothing against the police, but against the imposing homosexual government of François Mitterrand…Let me explain this that in future years of my life I read most of the famous Montauk Books like this one:

In fact the pink bear on front cover is a Koala Bear, which sybmolizes a time police scenario, in the book it is spoken of a children’s story in which the Koala Bear after experiencing a lot of abuse, he takes the waters up high, and it is the secret of his invincibility, In the last 20 years I my source of income had been sandblasting and painting water towers

According to what I have learned, this is not a mere coincidence and is work of vibrations that turned to children’s legend in times past.

This times of my life were the strangest, I combated five or six police officers, was arrested, stayed in jail for 3 ½ months,

These 3 1/2 months felt like a lifetime, over 20 years later at Aug 2003 at the great perihelic apparition of Mars which was also the 3rd 20 year cycle of the Philadelphia experiment I was reading The Mars Records books

This book says that there are 2 to 3 million (according to my intuition the number should be 200.000-300.000) slaves on Mars preparing the grounds for the Elite to travel to different habitable planets throughout this cosmos and probably other parallel cosmoses

I had one flashback after the other that within this 3 1/2 months of jail in Paris, I had been on Mars for 17 years , served as shackled slave in Cydonia for 5 years,( Stewart Swerdlow has said something about these shackles;) - where probably used these chips so the hypnotized Zombies don't get lost on Martian grounds,

After the five years I was promoted to higher Ranks as to do moon landings, I somehow know that Jupiter has 73 objects rotating it like moons, I supposedly did the first moon landing in one of them, it seemed that they had a room carved out of the piece of rock, where I stayed?!!

My conversation with Stephanie Relfe (of Marsrecords) is at this hyperlink for further reading

After 17 years at 1997 when my father died in that timeline and when I had became a useless Zombie,- I was age regressed and time shot back to jail in Paris 1981 like it is described in Marsrecords

In jail, I was given antipsychotic drugs like Largactil (thorazine) which causes permanent brain damage and came out of jail with a chip in the middle of my right hand

In the above picture, the chip is visible as a one inch horizontal line at approximately the center of the photo

In fact, at this jail time I had another experience, as a result of which I was going to come out of jail and maybe write a book with a sentence like this: “For the first time in history of Earth we have been contacted by extraterrestrial beings”;

Later I found out that this statement had already been made, I was developing a scope that humanity on Earth is a member of a greater Universal family,

In jail I had a telepathic contact with an extraterrestrial specie, which continued for about 6 months well after I was out of jail

They came to see me in astral form, or it is possible that an advanced ultra terrestrial society made me see things the way I saw, like a TV projection directly to the brain where besides seeing you can also feel. An advanced extraterrestrial civilization is capable of producing hallucinations which is stated in stories like "Thiaoouba Prophecy" which is in fact a story of a contact with a hermaphroditic race; and also in a book called Healing Shattered Reality: Understanding Contactee Trauma , in the latter book it says that a good majority of UFO contacts are imposed hallucinations by extraterrestrial cultures, because is simply more economical to do that than to come down to see somebody in a flying saucer

The race that contacted me were a group of souls, they introduced themselves as pre-Earth,- before "Adam & Eve era" - each soul had an age of 8000 to 10000 years there were originally a race of people who were male and female at the same time, some were a little more male and some were a little more female.

These people had advanced civilization before Earth even existed;- all love and wisdom,- they,- to refer them as a third party is not very accurate because in a sense they are us,- anyhow,- they could communicate with mental telepathy which also became a problem; since they had to think about so many things at the same time and could not concentrate! they showed me their mind, several unrelated subjects thought commonly by a number of people, as if occupying different sections of their brain. They were definitely superior to us in their metaphysical powers, yet inferior in physical strength. They chose their gender role according to each incident, meaning: one could be a male compared to other, while female in relation with a different person.

You could probably line up the whole population in a row, starting from the most female to the most male,

We are not and are not allowed to be that way, we are either mail or female, any deviation from this is considered deviancy

See also the Rasputine Olygarchy

To be continued


In the current timeline Albert Einstein passed away at 1955, yet he is with me now to help me with this rather boring task I have at hand; - to write an autobiography

He does not really appreciate the term passed away!
Einstein told me that after him it is me, the #2 of the list of those who make people think, and that I am second only to him, for no one would be able to influence world understanding of cosmos, as much as him and then me;
Although my Father in heavens whom I represent in this world is astronomically superior to me, and I could be considered a donkey in comparison to a man, if I was at present Earthly state to be compared to him
Anyhow, above paragraphs would be meaningless unless I mention that I can talk to the Spirits of departed ones as easily as one would cross path in the street with other people,

It is necessary to state that walking in the streets has rules, and one merely being able to do that cannot at will meet everybody else who can similarly walk in the streets, and that we are bound by certain laws that govern our time-space, otherwise if our reality did not have this specific character which is referred to as time which gives chance to cars to take their turn, - the streets would be filled with solid iron.

Yes, cars take turns in the streets, and that is a character of our reality that is unfortunately misunderstood by probably %99.9 of world population,
I took a bus to this IUPUI library this morning, yet the decision to take the trip was made yesterday, and if someone reads this writing sometime in the future, makes the future and the past related, to that bus ride, yet these events do not relate to each other linearly like a chain, and the bus ride was simply put at that time space because that possibility was available.

The events of the future and the past are related, and the future sends messages to the past by means faster than light, - a good example of this is a child’s mentality, - when I was five years old they would ask me what do you want to become when you grow up, I would say a light bulb maker and an astronaut, it was over 30 years later when an Idea of an engine was projected in my mind, which was based on series, of neon lights, pulsating in an adjustable circular motion to produce a faster than light sequence.

We take the facts of our reality granted giving it no thought, for example, why do we need a head consisting of 2 eyes, a nose, a mouth and ears? The answer is because those apparatus need be elevated off the ground as much as possible, so when we enter the water for example, they can freely function, we wouldn’t be able to talk, see, hear… if eyes were hidden under clothing in the chest area…

Similarly affairs of spirit in combination of physical reality has logic, that in the depth of matter outlaws our linear understanding of time, putting it in the simplest words, I am here now at this library to write an autobiography that could be possibly care for cared for in a very distant future, I arrived to this library by means of public transportation, yet my being here now has a priority to my bus trip to this place, and the past had been made in the future, not that the future was made in the past, my trip to this library did not cause writing this things, and on the contrary, writing these things caused my trip to the library

Of course above argument is pretty immature compared to the discussion of the whole reality of a nonlinear time. Those who knew this subject are rare, and those who will understand this, it would be by personal vision into depths of our existence, and learned by personal experience. And an experience cannot be transferred

This whole essay is kind of irregular, because in present life form I am hardly known by anybody, and I do not assume that anybody anytime soon would have reason enough to read this, so that in a way comforts me, because issues discussed are in category of
Galileo Galilei or Giordano Bruno

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