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The Rasputin Oligarchy

(The Manifest of the Polarist Party)

The content of this page has to do with directing the erotic energy in a constructive way, about this; most people have their set mind, which are pretty much shared in different countries as different norms.

In USA at some point in history a group of people went to the government and said that they don’t need to use force to control people, and they could use mind control; they also found out that a person is most open to hypnotic/ subliminal suggestions, when in sexual ecstasy.

Its worst manifestation was the
Montauk chair which had different types of function, one of which was to enhance sexual energies electromagnetically where at the same time hypnotic suggestion would be easily possible, which is an absolutely corrupt method

I know this was used to make people loyal to Hitler, for example, the institution who provided Hitler with such services considered homosexuality and pedophilia the most productive way to control minds, Hitler’s soldiers under hypnosis were imposed sexual imaging blocks to their brain, where they did not know why they loved Hitler but they did, they would be strapped to a Montauk chair where the delusion was created that they were having sex with Hitler who was playing the female role, at the same time it was said:
"Heil, mein F├╝hrer!"

By depriving healthy life force based on one of the strongest human drives,- the sex drive,- this drive becomes a dark pit of energy that can be manipulated by the brainwash industry which is controlled by very few, in USA they could be a %03 minority - the elite.

And this is popularized today through computer and television industry; the computer and the TV provide sexual concepts freely to public, only for the purpose of simultaneous subliminal manipulations? And this becomes a part of collective unconscious, and a part of human reality, this is called Hive Matrix manipulation, at this point no television or computer is necessary

I advise healthiest way of sexually enhanced human relationships, which functions around moral defects like
castration complex

Let’s start with a view of the Fractal Universe

In a Fractal Universe Hdrogen is the fractal of the Ring Nebula

For every element on the periodic table we have a parallel Universe

So we have a Hydrogen Universe

Where planets do not have 2 poles like ours,

Nether people have two genders,

They are hermaphrodites like the civilization involved in the alien encounter the "Thiaoouba Prophecy"

And look at Atomic orbital of Helum

In our Fractal fom of Universe Helium is a fractal of The Hourglass Nebula
Like our universe where people have two genders,
Planets have two poles,
and the Sun is predominantly Helium

Stingray Nebula is the Factal of Lithium the third element,

Tore Alfstad says "Iis possible that a civilization have 3 genders"

I could not understand this till I, being a cat lover, communicated with two females in my neighborhood who were also cat lovers; the 2 were living together, and one was playing the male role, one the female role,we almost created a 3 gender society, I was playing the role of the outermost electron in Lithium

When I was in jail in Paris 1980-81, I had an experience, as a result of which I was going to come out of jail and maybe write a book starting with a sentence like this:

“For the first time in history of Earth we have been contacted by extraterrestrial beings”;

Later I found out that this statement had already been made, I was developing a scope that humanity on Earth is a member of a greater Universal family,

I was locked up basically for exhibiting violent behavior in a political opposition; Where I had a telepathic contact with an extraterrestrial specie, which continued for about 6 months well after I was out of jail

They came to see me in astral form, or it is possible that an advanced ultra terrestrial society made me see things the way I saw, like a TV projection directly to the brain where besides seeing you can also feel. An advanced extraterrestrial civilization is capable of producing hallucinations which is stated in stories like
"Thiaoouba Prophecy" which is in fact a story of a contact with a hermaphroditic race; and also in a book called Healing Shattered Reality: Understanding Contactee Trauma , in the latter book it says that a good majority of UFO contacts are imposed hallucinations by extraterrestrial cultures, because is simply more economical to do that than to come down to see somebody in action,
Such a technology had even existed at the times of Atlantis as Lobsang Rampa stated that he had actually seen it in a time capsule left in Himalayas from our ancient ancestors

The race that contacted me were a group of souls, they introduced themselves as pre-Earth,- before "Adam & Eve era" - each soul had an age of 8000 to 10000 years there were originally a race of people who were male and female at the same time, some were a little more male and some were a little more female.

These people had advanced civilization before Earth even existed;- all love and wisdom,- they,- to refer them as a third party is not very accurate because in a sense they are us,- anyhow,- they could communicate with mental telepathy which also became a problem; since they had to think about so many things at the same time and could not concentrate! they showed me their mind, several unrelated subjects thought commonly by a number of people, as if occupying different sections of their brain. They were definitely superior to us in their metaphysical powers, yet inferior in physical strength. they chose their gender role according to each incident, meaning: one could be a male compared to other, while female in relation with a different person.
You could probably line up the whole population in a row, starting from the most female to the most male,
We are not and are not allowed to be that way, we are either mail or female, any deviation from this is considered deviancy

So we should realize that our roles as female or male are different, a most common example is that nudity for female is acceptable and could be a Devine value, while for male is perversion and should be eliminated, a man can not appear in public unless at least below his belt is covered with a pair of pants, yet for better women's nature they are encouraged to be as naked as possible, with all body hair removed, today for a girl to wear a short skirt with no underwear (no hair) should be a norm, and this does not mean sexual freedom, only freedom of life and expression. There always has been need for humans to have this categories of experiences, that are permissible psychologically, and physiologically (no pregnancy...) that even
Pleiadians mentioned that in human gatherings where love and life is promoted it is advisable for woman to be nude or lightly dressed, without hiding any body parts, while the men on the contrary are totally dressed, a man should not be touched under the belt, yet the opposite,- feelings existing,- was OK as a norm to be
Undressing has the positive effects of keeping the sensitive areas clean and germ free, I am also given the duty to inform that in a progressive society surgical removal of clitoris and excessive local skin around vagina, that causes germ accumulations, is permissible as social norm
Public initiation ceremonies,-

Colon cleanse for women, (I have to connect you with the Nibiruan Council, had a telepathic talk with Jelaila Starr)
And of undressing girls by four-five of her boy-friends of whom the girl has no fear, ceremonies is also suggested to take place in outdoors nature

In the book Jessus and the Essenes By Dolores Cannon it has been mentioned that Essens at the time of Christ would bath in public bathrooms where women did not have to wear any thing while men did
Or the book Hermit
states that in the most advanced planet of all universes put together, the hermit saw a naked young female in common public behavior
Nudity for women is an infinitely strong force field that is usable for advancing revolution by most spiritually reformed women

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