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Time machine, the beginnings

Imagine the bottom half of a sphere, divided by eight slices, and each slice is a series of horizontal lights, like neon, each slice or section goes on and off separately from others, so we can have
on/off sequence that is faster than light
something like
Tore Alfstad's Time machine,

At the bottom of sphere we have reddish lights and at the top we have the violets

If we had a crystal at the center of this half sphere that using this rotating lights would produce a laser beam like thing?


In a Klein bottle between two spots there are two methods of travel
One is direct and one is indirect

There is a paradox how we determine what direct and indirect methods are, because if we connect two dots one inside and one outside a Klein bottle directly using a straight line; the line has to go through the glass

And if we stretch the line to where we can enter the opening of the Klein bottle, we would have made an indirect approach, as far as the line being straight, yet we don't have to go through the glass

So I can say in time space transportation there are similarly two methods between two spots, direct and indirect;
In my machines lets say if we use
the Searl Effect Gyroscope
Or even in the Ether-Drive Hexakis octahedron
We are using a direct method because we don't have to go through all the transmutations of going through the Earth, like in the tree of life method which in the beginning of experiments it could be more dangerous than going to space and time-traveling through the vacuum

In the beginning when I was looking for practical and cheap method which would make time space travel possible, I planned a cube consisting of three square Helmholtz coils* perpendicular

To operate somewhat similar to three frame antennas of Montauk’s Delta T antenna


Two frame antennas should amplify human brain waves, and the third one would be the final input of the time space address picked up from the brain to cause a jump towards destination!!?

In my plan I had stretched the CUBE to fit an RV; The intention was that at a certain speed like lets say 70 miles/hour this stretched cube would create a Doppler sweep
the wave length should be such as when the Doppler sweep occurs inside the "CUBE" it would produce the third input necessary for the dimensional jump;

What this process of precision Doppler sweep does is to cause the waves to only effect the moving vehicle and not the asphalt as happened to

John Searl **

and David Hamel ***

in their anti gravity effects;

So,- in the plan, - I had wooden framework (like 4in.X4inc.wood semi rounded) carved to simply best geometric precision possible to wrap coils around, and this thing was fed by a number of Tesla coils aligned in order of a tree of life in sacred geometry


As electricity is made to jump in Tesla coil, it would jump from main energy centers within the Tesla coils, eventually, to the frameworks of the body, simply best geometric positioning of these wires and coils would make the simple science look artistic; imagine a Tesla coil energizing a wooden frame wrapped with copper wire the precision of required distances would make it artistic!??

In the original plan I had the wooden frames walled like Wilhelm Reich’s orgone boxes:

And I had four of these boxes inside each other, and supplied the driver an suite made of orgone blanket


There are needed three passengers, first the driver, second the electronics technician and third person who would produce the brainwaves sitting in the middle box, putting on the helmet with receivers;
For big time-space jumps in the first Doppler sweep the machine would need to locate itself in the center of the Earth, and then do its temporal jump lets say 20 years back in time, and then come out at the designated geographic location on the Earth

Then again the problem is that when the vehicle appears at its destiny, we don't know exactly where it is going to appear, so we need an anti gravity method to go with it that I took of Electric rocket Idea ( )

Then I realized that it would be best to do Time-space travel related phenomena in the Air or vacuum of space to avoid so many problems…

Then I was lead into more expensive Ideas like:

Time in three dimensions & The Searl Effect Gyroscope



* Helmholtz coil:


** John Searl,-Levity disc


*** David Hamel's device by Jean-Louis Naudin


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