Monday, August 13, 2007

"Spheric Timeline"

The famous question whether:

Everything that could have happened has happened or not?

In the past it was thought that time is linear, this illusion should be due to the (Fractal) duplication of the original linear timeline?

In the beginning initial time space,-before any faster than light frequencies had reached it from it's future... and before God had evolved enough to change the beginning;-
time was linear

In a fractal universe all reality of all time-space somehow effects everything else, by some type of duplication God's presence before the beginning of creation thus resembles a child's growth which is separate from social life;-Reality.

In a fractal universe we sense time as being linear because originally Time was linear (origin cannot be considered unique anymore) the beginning changes constantly, so time cannot be considered linear anymore?!!!

Does time grow like a sphere lets say ones personal history starts in the center, yet I perceive that it grows as a sphere that this point in time is merely one point on that sphere and the rest of the sphere are different destinies of man = alternate time lines
(I have felt such a thing so many times)

All that could possibly happen could not all really have happened in an alternate timeline? And only the ones that could fit in the destiny of humanity as a whole?

I know that there are actually parallel time lines for the least reason of having governmental and nongovernmental people visited realities in which Adolph Hitler won the world war two

Steven Gibbs ( ) has a different version of I-CHING that he has brought it about to this timeline from another timeline???

My guide showed me that different Earths do occur at certain "distances"

We have many time lines parallel:
Laura Knight Jadczyk ( ) says that some of us will not get into the great cycle of Ascension (4th intensity) and for them it might get postponed about 300.000 years.

We should somehow remain in the ascending vortex,

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