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Resurrection through my Father the Spirit Guide

If by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead.

My Father, the Spirit Guide


Above is Gourguen Pitchikian my biological Father, originally an Armenian born in Russia raised at the duration of leadership of Lenin, his family had to escape Russia at the time of Stalin and immigrate to Iran, I believe there was the difference between heavens and hell between Lenin and Stalin, like there was the same difference between Rezā Pahlavi and his son Mohammad Rezā Shāh Pahlavi, the monarch of Iran

Throughout history of Iran there have been revolutionary Leaders who took the power off the spoiled and corrupt monarchs and restored justice and prosperity; - Rezā Pahlavi was such a man;

Our history books as well as our history itself (I have discussed this issue further in my document: Armenia as the Filament of Armageddon, Philadelphia Experiment by Howard Andrew Strom) are products of manipulators;

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia says that:
The Shah (Mohammad Rezā Pahlavi), came to power during World War II after an Anglo-Soviet invasion which forced the abdication of his father;

Every Iranian knows that, this invasion caused Iran to have a dictatorship which was founded by the CIA, and which was basically concentrated on distruction of possible communism, the point is that the Stalin assisted such an invasion, which proves that he was an irrisponsable communist and a manipulator only at the service of Rocschilds, both Hitler and Churchil visited the offices of Roschilds and probably also did Roosevelt?...

Wikipedia states that:
Following Germany's invasion of the USSR in June 1941, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union became allies. Although still a neutral nation, Reza Shah Pahlavi had brought Iran closer to Germany. This concerned the British who feared that the Abadan Oil Refinery, owned by the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, might fall into German hands —

Reza Shah Pahlavi (the father) was a good man, Hitler did not represent Germany, Hitler was a programmed entity to eliminate a possibility of a strong communist government in Germany, with majority of rightful communists were probably Jews following their master scholar, and revolutionary leader Karl Marx, my document Karl Marx, Michael the Archangel, is the truth about him, I have lived in the USA for over 25 years now and it is unfortunate that the majority of Americans have been deprived of knowing Marx who is the way out of slavery which is Capitalism, What the programmers in Germany did was to create a false movement which was National Socialism and a false conflict which was antisemitism, to evade a true united German Jew Communist Party the programmers new such things would work on the people at the time


My Father became the chief Architect of
the biggest Bank in Iran without any official education, as an Armenian Christian minority, where he did not even master the Persian language adequately, and built a Bank in every city in Iran and Asia and Europe, from Japan to Germany, hospital, motel …
After retirement he designed the second biggest
Mosque in Iran, only to name a few…,

I am going through an experience like
Ruth Montgomery went through with Arthur Ford

Arthur Ford wrote through Ruth after he died, and before death Arthur Ford was medium for another of his friends in heavens for 50 years; these people like my father in higher dimension, sometimes volunteer to teach us ...
And Ruth Montgomery now is leading a writing from heavens?
My Father was/is from
Overself of the Lord of the Bible, although I represent Christ, - mainstream Christianity is unaware of some truths that are well established in Eastern and Far eastern Religions and are also known to some new age scholars, For example Krishna conscious society assigns over 1800 bodies/incarnations to God, who have same number of wives and houses;

One of the things that makes God the greatest is his willingness to learn, for which he sends many incarnations to Earth, I have met in person or in the Internet quiet a few of them, all totally different forms of human beings including one female raised in extremely abused conditions.

In the
Wave Series by Laura Knight-Jadczyk, there are over 1050 lives assigned to Christ, before or after that life as Jesus Christ, in which he learns

The discussion of:

The disciples asked Christ respecting this very prophecy saying, if you are the Messiah what answer should we give to the Jews who say that
Elijah must come first? Christ's answer was that Elijah had already come, - John the Baptist, and that the Jews knew him not, recognized him not, but had done to him whatsoever they pleased imprisoning him and ultimately beheading him in prison.

The Biblical Discussion above as words of Christ that reincarnation exists and prophets can go unrecognized, I feel that
Ali of Islam was another incarnation of Elijah, Ali was the only person born in the Kaaba sanctuary in Mecca, the holiest place in Islam, this time, - according to his karma,- in an already established prophetic family where he could not go unrecognized
As the last Sayings of Jesus on the cross were Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani were reference to
Ali and or John the Baptist, who had gone with the sword and who came back with the sword, I have even seen another incarnation of Ali in my present life

The 5 paragraphs below are quoted from;

Interdimensional Physics by Charles Noonan Vind

The letter "T' is also the symbol for a CROSS which was used as a means of execution by the ROMAN EMPIRE. The most famous execution on the CROSS was JESUS CHRIST what many people do not understand is that the BODY (46) of CHRIST (77) superimposed on a CROSS may represent a MODEL (49) for ENERGY (74). BODY equals 46(40--vowels, 6--consonants) and CHRIST equals 77(9--vowels, 68) 40 plus 9=49. 6 plus 68 equals 74. MODEL (49) and ENERGY (74). 49+74 and 46+77 BOTH equal 123. 123 is the numerical value for VIBRATIONAL.

In the RIO DE JANEIRO (BRAZIL) at a Corcovado (96) Peak There is a colossal statue of JESUS (74)--
CHRIST (77) with the figures arms stretched out to form a CROSS (74). It appears as if this statue is situated on a BASE that looks like a GUITAR or stringed instrument from one ANGLE and if it is rotated 180 degrees it looks like a KEY. ENERGY (74)--MATTER (77).
Could this statue somehow have occult knowledge about MATTER and ENERGY? The statue of JESUS (74) CHRIST (77) is perpendicular to this GUITAR (76) or KEY (41). 76 plus 41=117(wavelength).
It makes it look as if the statue of JESUS (74) CHRIST (77) is turning the KEY. KEY is equal to 41 and so is LOCK.
Could the use of HARMONIC ENERGY be the foundation of INTERDIMENSIONAL PHYSICS--which would supersede our own laws of physics--being much more FUNDAMENTAL (111). Maybe the movie BRAIN (44)--STORM (85) is subtly embedded with knowledge that is INTERDIMENSIONAL in NATURE.
SPACE (44)--MATRIX (85).


My Father (Universal Father) is a lot more than I can write using words, as we know everything is wave, matter and spirit; Anything below light speed, - that is our physical reality, goes at a direction of Time which is dogmatically called forward, and after Einstein we believe that everything faster than light would travel backwards in time;
telepathic extraterrestrial contactee Tore Alfstad, in the chart below Dimensions Overview

applies speeds far more faster that light to realities attached to humans, like spiritual and mental planes, which should have a relatively backward motion in time…
How ever
God is an omnipotent frequency (Iarga), where omnipotent frequency is not a frequency anymore, because all frequencies put together, will not have the distinction to be called frequency, at this rate time looses meaning
And this makes my experience far more richer than Ruth Montgomery’s, mine is a 24 hours a day deal, while hers was at certain time every day through automatic handwriting, and mine is fully conscious not only a hand working; of course my hand can also if necessary produce my fathers handwriting which such a handwriting has already been circulated that is examinable in the future !
This started as I was working for a shelter for homeless women and children now called
Wheeler Care Center, I was working very low wages and had sacrificed all my necessities, one day I heard a voice told me that you do not eat meat for 40 days, you will see the grace of the Lord, I had already had had a very rich experience involving Christ and Ali, of have given a better account of that in my biography and could not imagine what this could have meant, yet started the no meat diet, and after a while I realized that I should also give up eggs and milk and all animal products, to achieve the required purity; In about 100 days I finally reached that stage, and one night in stressed conditions, I saw a vision of my dad in a flying saucer, he told me that he was God and he would take over at once, he was talking actually from the moment of takeover in the future, he told me that he wanted me to do healing, which later I developed this X-ray type vision where I could see internal biological problems and could ask him for the cure; his other part was at the time alive In Iran and I was in U.S.A.; painfully I was totally separated from my family, I suppose the nature of my mission which was “time travel” required an arrangement where if I went back in time and space to see my family in Iran, I would not create any paradoxes… yet I repeat that for the future self of my father time was meaningless …

I am guided in my actions; there are a number of people who are like that.
For example one good day he told me to walk one mile to a restaurant to have coffee, I had no money, but when I reached the restaurant one man gave me $5.00 and told me that the Lord had told him that I was his son, and to by my coffee, he also gave a speech from the Bible, and told me that he was hungry for truth, and he wanted me to talk, and told me that we thus we could be reassured of our reality …
He is putting me through a very unique experience like would happen in the new biblical millennium,


I have read about Parallel Earths by so many authors, there could be thousands of Parallel Earths, that are inhabited or lightly inhabited;
For example I quote an article from
A Vision of Hurqalya by Pak Hardjanto; A small settlement now exists in Hurqalya. Once the American groups heard of the City's existence, members of both the GFP and PFC were able to visualize it and Travel to it from America (the Javanese can do the same from Java-prime to America2). Since 1985 all three groups have expanded most of their exploratory effort on "opening up” new worlds in the Java series. Apparently Indonesian sorcerers and trance adepts are very good at this, and we believe they have reached Java 7-without, however, finding replications of the City or any trace of the Builders - only more empty forest....

And some are fully inhabited, like there is one where Hitler won the war...


Stewart Swerdlow -- as described in his book "MONTAUK: THE ALIEN CONNECTION" -- refer to their involvement in OPERATION SOUTHERN CROSS, which was a temporal project involving the sending of agents back in time to help the Allies succeed in the Normandy invasion. Some of these "agents" remember parallel lives in a world where Germany won World War II, and where the USA stood alone as the last bastion of liberty.The world of Hitler's victory has actually been visited, by some secret government agencies and private explorers;The reason I mentioned this is that we would not have problem of overpopulation, if we learn to go to other worlds, some groups referred to as Travel Cults have actually succeeded, you can study them under title of "ONG'S HAT" and/or"INCUNABULA CATALOG".

It might sound childish yet what is happening is as mentioned in BIBLE, we are going to have the opportunity to see our loved ones who are now dead, through promoting ourselves to a culture where time really looses it's dogmatic meaning, some advanced spiritual masters can teleport themselves using their will power only, and some can go back in time, like
NOBLE DREW ALI, a Black American Circus Magician, and religious scholar who died under the kicks of some unauthorities

I have heard in gossip line that he went back 15 years and he was at his house and he could smell and every thing, he says he was really there this group he belonged I think seven of them GOT ASSASSINATED, by some international [Black Beret] like force, around
ONG'S HAT village in NEW JERSEY Pine Barrens.
Herbert Nick; belongs to the group, I read him say that they can now teleport even buildings to another world. This things to a majority of people would sound unreal, but this is what my Spirit Guide has been working with me, and it is truly within central doctrines of new testament, - it is the Resurrection, The first Resurrection we have limitations like we have to find place to establish new colonies and rescue the dead through time-space portals, so we will only rescue the righteous,-Till we evolve the next millennium we can do the second Resurrection where we can give second chance to every one.

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