Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Microsingularity; Waves of Creation

Cern Microsingularity,
Five principals of creation;

1, - Wave (like a spherical wave in ether) always expands

2,- Expansion creates density (a spherical wave form in ether as it grows the height of each cycle of its vibration is where it is more compressed so due time increasing compressed areas in ether are created!??)

3,- Density causes gravity;- things alike attract each other because of their oneness, like if we take two balloons and hook them up to one compressor and feed them compressed air in a wavy manner,- meaning with an up and down cycle, (I read this somewhere I think Tore Alfstad mentioned this in “Galactic Server”) these 2 balloons that have similar vibration will attract each other, similarly in cosmos, things alike tend to be at one location, like birds of a feather flock together, the reason is that the root of everything is nothing, no time no space, nothing, and nothing being our stand point what would be the meaning of distance,- nothing. This is basics of Philosophy of Topology, since distance and reality in a sense are nothing but wave form; - Universal Locator is also a wave form, this concept is being used in extraterrestrial hyperspace-craft like mentioned by:

Robert Lazar,-

Tore Alfstad,-

the #3 point is that as a spherical wave in ether grows it produces more volume of dense space and this causes more gravity within that space

4, - Gravity causes delay in the original process of the wave

5, - Delay contrasts expansion


Contrast creates new dimension

New dimension expands like the initial wave and the above 5 principals repeat themselves N times

At one point this process should stop that is where space can not stretch any further,-

Inside the electron, the micro-electron is at this stage where we get to the limits of stretchability of time space,- at this stage time space forms something like a 6-armed spirallohedron

My channeled information is that the inner particle of an electron looks like above picture like twisted cream on cake.

Or like six spider strings twisted together.

And this is what Microsingularity is

As John Titor Fans are looking for,
Like the two central Dots in the image below which is schematic of his Time Machine

John Titor, time traveler from the year 2036
My "time" machine is a stationary mass, temporal displacement unit
The unit is powered by two, top-spin, dual-positive singularities that produce a standard, off-set
Tipler sinusoid
Many physicists expect microsingularities to be created at CERN

Richard Feynman's idea as Stephen Hawking says;

"He challenged the basic classic assumption that each particle has one particular history. Instead he suggested that particles travel from one location to another along every possible path through space-time"

My channeled information is what they are trying to achieve is the understanding of a spirallohedron-like thing

Our Spirallohedron is produced by the hypocycloid that is rotation of a circle inside another where the ratio of the radiuses of the outer and inner circles is Pi (3.14)

this curve represents the different paths a particle can take in microcosm forming 7 unparallel realities

I quote from Tore Alfstad, (Galactic Server)

"Microid which is the smallest particle in the universe and of which there are 7 main groups in our universe. Because of this there are 7 parallel physical planes in the same geographical position."

Part of a bubble chamber picture The curly line which turns to the left is an electron. Positron looks similar but turn to the right The magnetic field is perpendicular to the picture plan

A Micro-Electron consists of a hyper string,- a twist of six strings from six other unparallel realities ?!!

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