Monday, January 29, 2007

The First Wave

I have not yet managed to put this blog in it's proper linear order, in order to understand the whole thing it is advisable to read the material at least twice since some info has it's bases in arguments made later in receding chapters

My channeled info on the first wave there was in existence that is supposed to be discovered in about 10000 years from now is similar to collapse of a sphere packing of a four sided pyramid; that is as they fall down towards the base; the 4 sided pyramid is a corner of a rhombic dodecahedron , ether packing of space, where we have small rhombic dodecahedra in bigger ones

This would cause top three spheres of Ether (at time of formation of the first wave);

To have a motion like above,- imagine they are balloons and they have effects on each other and as they are “operating” in a universe that although static does already:
1- Link events at separate locations without using known forms of matter as medium
2- They do not diminish with distance; a million miles is the same as an inch.
3- They appear to act with speeds greater than our local light-speed.

Above 3 sentences were third party quotations from David Wilcock’s Divine Cosmos from Dr. Milo Wolff;

See the deltoid appears between 3 spheres and there is where the holographic information of Hydrogen begins to exist, so first wave in our universe was creation of Hydrogen waveform; let us compare the atomic orbital 1s wave function from Orbitron

let us look again at my three spheres above, the blue sphere forms the bottom of this 3-D curve and the sides are formed by the red spheres

this is difficult to understand but our universe is a fractal universe and imitates 3-D images like in a mirror,- the mirror in this case is Universal Soul Static, that reflects realities, like hydrogen and the Ring nebula are imitations of one another and they are in fact one

I cannot explain fully and neither can fully understand the channeled information here yet I try to make a way to understanding using the description below;

If we have three projectors that project our holoform;- in 2 dimensions they will produce 120 degree angular forms and hexagons

Now looking at the same hexagons as a 2 dimensional view of a 3 dimensional reality the hexagons will be cubs and 120 degree angles will be 90 degree angles (3 of them), here we can analyze also angles and conditions between 120 and 90 degrees that my hyper-coordinates would ease that

Above and below figures from Xah Lee to help further meditation,
The Astroid formed on the level of 4-spere of the above Pyramid is the place of holoformation of Helium

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