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The Gyroscope

Time in three dimensions

The frequency of physical is limited to Light-speed, yet from Ethereal bodies up all the way to the level of GOD (in our section of the Multiverse or Omniverse),- time goes backwards,- compared to us,-because the frequencies are higher than Light-speed.

It has recently been proposed to think about time in three dimensions;

Well, a year is a cycle of rotation of Earth around the Sun, and a day is a cycle around the Earth, these two cycles have an angle, as we have recently united time with space, why not, consider that difference in angle a reason to give time 3 dimensions.

Or if we center in human consciousness; daytimes we stand, and night-times we lay down; - and these two positions are perpendicular

The main point in this 3-time-dimension concept is that the original Bang, - central explosion,- creates a wave of difference in the intensity of general space, objects in different positions in relation to this wave act differently ???

That is like Maybe Earth goes back in time to escape the intensity of the wave;- to avoid over compression; so maybe everything below light speed in fact is going back in time due to this reason.

Our Fractal Universe;
Having a backward flow of time from micro to macrocosm imitates the past;- the Bang;- the central concentration;-That's why atoms have nucleus, and solar system and Galaxy have concentrated energy centers, because they imitate as of Fractal law, the central explosion - time space condition?
Motion of the Earth in time-space resembles a Gyroscope that is;
Earth has a rotation around itself and a rotation around the Sun,

These 2 circles set in 2 planes with distinct angles;
Because of this;
hyperspace navigation could be possible, because we can immitate those angles in a gyroscope
via calculations of rates of these rotations.

I am guided to initiate contemplation on Gyroscopes, using secrets of

John Searl;
Here I have handwritten to words in Persian similar to Searl
From right to left they mean Gravity & secret, and this similarity of sounds and meanings; - something like numerology; - has been practiced in PERSIAN Sufism for over a millennium

He found out that if a small ac component of radio frequency is superimposed on the magnetization direct current during the manufacturing process of permanent ferrite magnets they acquire new unexpected properties.

If cylindrical
A is slowly moved by an external force towards corner of the rectangular magnet and carefully pushed around the corner; the cylindrical magnet B will accelerate at considerable speed, roll around corner and continue its rotation and along the left hand side of the rectangular magnet

Then he arranged these magnets in a circular pattern

Then 3 rings and rollers intertwine


The process of permanent magnetization has been such;
DC current, 150 A to 180 A
AC current, 0.1 to 0.2 A
Frequency, 1-3 MHz

It is my calling to use a light speed method of magnetization of spherical magnets using Tore Alfstads time machine concept


This is a machine consisting two superconductive rings (Liquid Helium), perpendicular to one another and there is 90 degree phase change in the amplified current (100000 Watt) that is fed to the 2 rings

When the generator is set between 300 to 400 MHz, the rotating speed becomes light speed

We don’t need to actually travel at light speed
we can create a rotating field like the Tore Alfstad’s Time Machine

Somewhere between 300 to 400 MHz the rotating field becomes solid and this is the field that we need to superimpose the permanent spherical magnets with,

Then a framework is necessary to hold the small spheres at certain locations between the three large spheres

The next point we have to consider is the Helmholtz principal that creates a bigger and more uniform field

The Wikipedia encyclopedia

explains Helmholtz coil as such:

A Helmholtz pair consists of two identical circular magnetic coils that are placed symmetrically one on each side of the experimental area along a common axis, and separated by a distance equal to the radius of the coil

Three Helmholtz type coils perpendicular that form a 3 dimensional xyz fields has actually been used by black projects, the third field had been white noise that puts a push on the reality within coils to eject the reality out of it's original Time space

Below I quote Charles Noonan Vind; Interdimensional Physics, his writings are necessary for understanding the xyz field ???

"Delta T Antenna. Use of Pyramid based geometry in coil building.
The Delta (time (space)-changing) function.
Particular type of Antenna Structure. Very Large Octahedral Antenna.
Resonating Structures with Frequency Patterns.
Two coils are placed vertically around the edges of the pyramid structure (antenna) at 90 degree angles to each other. The third coil surrounds the base of the antenna. Delta T antenna--the transmitting antenna is typically supplied by three drives.
The source of two of these drives are pulse modulators and are fed into the X and Y coils (AXIS) of the antenna structure. The third axis was the Z axis (coil) and it is around the perimeter or base of the antenna and is hooked up to a white noise source (I am not sure about the white noise, the frame antenna might be another pulse modulator) powered by an audio amplifier typically in the 250 kilowatt range. The effects of the antenna are produced by pulsing and powering the antenna."

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