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Hyper-Drive Hexakis Octahedron


A Hyperspace Transportation Device:

it picks up the address from human brain waves

James Stephens; more on the brain wave subject here:

This discussion would break down into three subjects;

One is the Geometric shell that I introduce it as
Hexakis octahedron

This 48 faced geometric solid in diamond crystals has rather a swollen - spherical shape, this could be called a female shape because it is a rhombic dodecahedron and each face is divided by four, female; because every field or rhombus that is like a teardrop, (that there are 12 of them in a rhombic dodecahedron) takes effect by four neighboring fields and it naturally divides each of it’s rhombuses to four, because space is intelligent, it sees four different fields around a rhombus and creates four fields in the rhombus.

In order to get somewhere we must go in 48 directions, because ether originally being packed as rhombic dodecahedra, 12 faced can have a more precise addressing via Hexakis-octahedron 48 faced


The second subject of discussion is Cathode-ray cells which is derived from cathode-ray propulsion system (I hook you up with this sight,-I would recommend the reader to copy of the 12 chapters if possible, because this site gets to be hard to find)

My Contact with UFO's by Dino Kraspedon

His craft produces vacuum at one side and the atmospheric pressure pushes the craft to that side, Ether principals are involved here, the craft by using strong


converts the air around it to Ether.

This method uses the fact that Ether comes in spheres and packs into rhombic dodecahedron, HEXAKIS-OCTAHEDRON being more detailed structure of possibilities of Ether.

“My” proposition is using 48

cathode ray cells hexagons:

Cathode rays intersept the anode rays ar a 45 degree angle

The cathode ray then escape through the aluminum window and decompose the air to create a tremendous vacuum
The schematically cross section shown above is a magnification of a single hexagonal cell within the outer surface material of the craft. Each tiny cell is like a small Geisler or Crookes type of vacuum tube, which are manufactured in a multiple process to produce the overall outer layer. The critical component is the aluminum outer substrate that will allow the vital cathode rays to pass out of the hexagon cell. Without the aluminum (or possibly the aluminum-bismuth laminated) layer the cathode rays would be confined to the internal walls of the individual cells. Aluminum appears to be the vital element in transmitting cathode/Lennard rays outside the confines of cathode cell tubes.

Above paragraph and 2 pictures by G.D.Mutch .

Hexagons in a truncated Hexakis octahedron, or plain triangles, 48 different cathode ray devices that amplify human brain waves*, is the solution(that means we need also 48 receptors around the pilots brain( actually NIKOLA TESLA first built this receptors based on their octahedron,

Then the second generation was based on dual-HELMHOLTZ COILS),

These could be reviewed here:

Of course there is this compass compensation principal that is to have an opposite magnetic field to protect the driver, Dictionary describes compass compensation (in navigation) as:

The process of neutralizing the effects degaussing currents exert on a marine magnetic compass. The process of neutralizing the magnetic effect an aircraft exerts on a magnetic compass.

And More here:

The Cassimir effect, that is to have two plates at the outer layers so close that hardly any wavelength is possible between the 2 plates, this would cause the craft to separate itself from reality surrounding it

Also for separating from surrounding reality; a field that Tore Alfstad describes rotating at the speed of light could be used, that produces a condition that:

"If one from outside the magnetic field try to touch the field at this state, it seems harder than steal"

he describes it here:

Below is a paragraph by Preston Nichols, on how originally the Nazi like sect of our planet could achieve teleportation through TIME & SPACE

A workable porthole was constructed using the electrical power of the radar system, and the mental ability of the subjects, wherein a subject would focus on a particular point in time and with the power of the radar equipment, a wormhole would manifest somewhere on the base

The Montauk Project

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