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The Pi-Vine

Let us see possibilities of different angle formations in a three dimensional logarithmic spiral; at the end of this essay these angles will form a compound of five cubes, as a result of interference of three spirals perpendicular (x,y,z.).

Above image by Hop David


It thus happened that we had a Universe full of ether globules made of rhombic dodecahedra

As we can make a bigger cube by putting 8 cubes together, and even bigger ones by putting 8 of the bigger ones together and if we continue this process rather infinitely, we will have a very big cube, the corner of which is a very small cube;

My assumption is that somewhat similar situation had been created before the Big Bangs and before formation of matter ever (we have had more than one Big Bang and those were not the beginning of creation); A situation where we had a small rhombic dodecahedron being corner of a big rhombic dodecahedron, this geometry created by packing of spheres of ETHER

And this whole situation was once static.

First Wave in the universe was produced where somewhat expansion of this universe causes a cornering (globule) of rhombic dodecahedron to fall in. And this should be in a four faced corner – pyramid - (rather than a three faced corner of a "giant rhombic dodecahedron").

Let us see a rhombic dodecahedron

Mark Newbold's Rhombic Dodecahedron Page


See the 6 four-sided Pyramids

If they fall inward;

It would be in a motion like this do you see six pyramids approaching center from 6 sides ???

They’ll form an octahedron 3 compound;


Where the octahedra occupy in above image is where the ether is absent; it is resonant field of where the ether is pushed out, a microcosmic fractal of this field is mentioned by David Wilcock here;


The octahedron according to the argument in above Website rotates in a tetrahedron (Johnson's "Sequential physics") and the tetrahedron applies pressure on the octahedron;

After reviewing Johnson's arguments above I can add some information on tetrahedron:

The reason of a tetrahedral formation in general,- in existence is;-
A triangle is the simplest two dimensional polygon that we can make drawing lines, so the simplest “4-directional” structure would be a tetrahedron

Josef Hasslberger and Kirby Urner demonstrate the Tetra Space, and a color coordination system that we should really have it for a

Truncated Rhombic dodecahedron



I abbreviate David Wilcock's comment on Max Planck's equasion below

from Divine Cosmos Chapter 4


"The core of Planck’s work can be stated in a simple equation, which describes how radiating matter releases energy in “packets” or bursts. The equation is E=hv, where E equals the energy that you end up measuring, v is the vibrating frequency of the radiation that releases the energy, and h is what is known as “Planck’s Constant,” which regulates the “flow” between v and E.
Furthermore, if we measure space using tetrahedral coordinates instead of cubical coordinates, then the need for Planck’s equation E=hv is removed, because the energy will now be measured to be the same on both sides of the equation – thus E (energy) will equal v (frequency) with no need for a “constant” between them
. "


Four spheres would pack into a Tetrahedron also which is a good basic “fractal” form or so for our cosmic geometries

What causes a basic geometry of four directions to form?

Is a contrast that exists within every wave in our existence, like the ocean waves?

Why don’t they look like a regular sinusoid wave, as the top of the wave pushes forward the bottom relatively pulls backward?

There is similar contrast in Ether waves also,-
Imagine a spherical wave in ether;-
Wave expands so we have bigger spheres, and so we have more gravity to contrast the original wave, and this contrast produces a stretch in time space continuum that produces a new dimension to compensate for the newly created need, and this new stretch at smallest form would create a tetrahedron, that is the xyz directions that are present in our reality plus an extra direction/dimension!!!

I believe that is the basics of Johnson's Sequential Physics the tetrahedron is the smallest fractal and octahedron is fractal of nonexistent so it is paradoxically smaller, there is a rotation factor amongst them that is caused by a Möbius type twist that is produced in time space continuum, because contrary to the ocean a spherical wave in ether cannot have it's waters falling over ahead of themselves and have to twist space in order to create a rotation /a reversal path

Yet David Wilcock mentions a certain type of complex motion like;


180-degree spin angles of “electrons” caused by impulses moving over octahedral energy forms.

"I speculate that this type of motion could be caused by 2 Möbius type tendencies described above because Möbius is 2 dimensional while our reality would need 2 Möbius type turns to cope with a 3 dimensional reality"


And attention that our macrocosmic Earth fractal contains only one octahedron, other possibilities can be studied by studying atomic orbitals

Let's go to the Orbitron a gallery of atomic orbitals:


Like if we look at 2p electron density


We will see one pair of my pyramids at work x-x’
Now a 3d electron density


You will see 2 pairs of my pyramids at work x & y,

The Y-Spiral splits the X in half

And if we look at 4f electron density we will see 3 pairs working x-y-z

The Z- Spiral splits X - Y - Spirals in two again !??


Similarly there should be alternate realities / Worlds which are fractals of every other element besides our local HELIUM Universe,

My channeled info is that Multiverse (better named Omniverse) consists of as many Earths as there are elements on Earth

Yet the Octahedron-3-compound is a basic geometric shell of our multiverse, this is observable in this cubic diamond crystal as Rafal Swiecki pictures it here;


Check the rest of Rafal Swiecki's crystals I can always relate them the octahedron 3 compound

We can see the compound action of cuboctahedra in Salt Crystals IN Ronald L Holt’s Article here:


Salt Crystal

And below is a universal phenomenon connected to the same fractal, called "Stairway to Heaven" from Hubble


And Below is a re-stimulation of above phenomenon

Yet when 6 spirals approach each other from six corners of the rhombic dodecahedron, there is the question of geometric probabilities that how many of them are going to intersect

Let us go to this Site Orbitron;


This would take some time but if you check all different orbitals


Level 2 ;

2s 2p

Level 3 ;

3s 3p 3d

... ... ... ...

Check the Wave functions and the Electron densities for each orbital you will see the 3 spiral perpendicular working at random all random possibilities of 3 spirals perpendicular forming resonant fields

Now our Universe happens to be similar to a bipolar helium-like resonant field

David Wilcock, talks about Cathie’s Grid here

C:\Documents and Settings\inulib0346\My Documents\Divine Cosmos - CHAPTER 09 THE CATHIE GRID.mht

Above as he explains is an octahedron a cube and a sphere that Bruce Cathie discovered mapping UFO paths, my point is that we have one octahedron of the three, that is like what star of David meant

This is how our reality is stamped by two pyramids penetrating

Spheres of ether under pressure form rhombic dodecahedra and at one point in time this process of packing/pressurizing reverses itself, and they start loosening, now this loosening causes vibration and the vibrations would have a self similarity in logarithmic patterns, in a sense a whirlpool; yet consciousness is always present in the universe and it has speeds far beyond light and the speed of consciousness:


The Universal Interconnectedness is necessary in order to understand cosmic geometry at any time after all it is you imagining and it is you part of it all

Tore Alfstad from Norway in Galactic Server refers to the mental plane being above the astral plane and even he has speeds associated to those planes that are physical plane is light speed (300000 Km/sec) and below;

He associates astral plane to a speed of 90000000000 to 8000000000000000000000 Km/sec

And his speed of mental plane is a number with twenty thousand zeros


So the continuation of the fall immediately causes the first spirals to form due to self similarity of vibrations, and this is beginning of ethereal motion, of course the frequency of the consciousness is a vital part of the formation of rotating fields so to speak, the speed of consciousness is modulated on the logarithmic conical spirals thus formed.

2 Spirals from two sides eventually meet as whirlpools of Ether ???

As a result of falling of spheres, after the first wave, -spiraling resonant fields are formed yet think of possibility of formations like below;

Follow the circles -- they never actually spiral !??

These spirals ( that are actually three in a 3 pairs in a rhombic dodecahedron ) could be represented in a two-vector


like configuration in which the red vector represents the distance from center The "Radial Vector", & the orange vector - the Inertial push -The Tangent Vector

The shape of Trunkadron was there prior to matter we have three (xyz) directions in a Trunkadron the loosening of ether universe causes truncation of rhombic dodecahedra at different fractal levels that is the small ones and the big ones containing big number of rhombic dodecahedral patterns in, this variation of small and big is what produces a fractal type geometry that I think if a scientist looks at it carefully should be connected to the vibrations of the string in the superstring theory

6 matter universes and 6 antimatter universes are different types of resonations of Truncated rhombic dodecahedra and were produced before there ever was a central explosion due to contraction;- BANG... two sixes is twelvwe that are the 12 hexagons of the Trunkadron !?? (12 resonant fields)

I quote from David Wilcock’s Divine Cosmos, Chapter 6 ;


Dr Walter Russel had a 39 day period of mystical illumination where he was capable of seeing much of how the Universe was structured and functioned

Dr. Walter Russel shows how two whirlpools of ether come together

Below is the picture of Spiral Galaxy NGC 4622 from the Hubblesite:


It spins "Backwards"

Hubble picture below shows two opposite spirals of Dr. Walter Russel,

And the fact that it spins "Backwards" !??

It is interesting that in a four faced pyramid made of spheres there would be one at the top, 4 at the second row and 9 at the third row, and then 16 and 25, and if we double this numbers, we will have 2,8,18,32,50, that are numbers of maximum electron potency of each shell of electrons in Mendeleev’s chart.

( And this numbers fit well in this theory of Cosmos )

As this two conic spirals, which are resonant fields, come together, they produce different tensions in local time-space, the amount of "tension determines the PI ratio in each reality???

Above is the word Pichak in Persian meaning Vine
Vine = a plant that climbs by winding itself about a support
The PI is a part of my last name, as you know is 3.14
Although the above old Sufistic game of the words would sound childish in the beginning; it is based on the fact that nothing happens at random in our universe.
As Einstein established that anything faster than light would go backwards, today we know that a human being besides a physical body, has ethereal, astral, mental bodies; and time in mental body should go backwards, because of its above light speed …

Any how PI in our world is 3.14, because that's the expression of our reality, we have PI-s in parallel realities that are 2 or .... 12, and the chart representing that actually rotates like a vine

In the start of the chart there is a spherical world with two dimensions, it actually exists, and people reincarnate there, they are shape shifters, meaning that if they want to turn their ONE EYE to left direction, they have to distort the cellular structure and open a way for the eye to move to the left, of course they have somethings superior to us that makes life tolerable. You can see that dimension...

It would be appropriate here to abbreviate Martin Gardner's chapter on Aleph-Null and Aleph- one

(From The Colossal Book of Mathematics)

Consider a finite set of 3 objects; say a key a watch, and a ring. Each subset of this set is symbolized by a row of 3 cards;

white indicates that the object is in the subset, black indicates that it is not

This principle is applied to an infinite but countable set of elements

If we take a set of cards that form a diagonal of this chart and reverse them, the result would be an infinite set that is not included in the chart of infinite sets above, because it has at least one element different from each set at the chart

Cantor calls the first infinite Aleph-Null and the infinity of diagonals a greater infinity that he calls Aleph-One

As a flat-lander initially would assume two dimensions his whole existence, our Mathematics is unique to our existence, and if someone can step out of his existence for a moment will see a different and greater possibility all together.

Here taken from Martin Gardner I illustrated that there are more than one infinities.

like if we put in one-to-one correspondence, the infinite set of primes, with the positive integers

1-2, 2-3, 3-5, 4-7, 5-11, 6-13,

Although both of the above can continue infinitely the chart would bend

There were times when the digit 0 did not exist in our mathematics ( like the Romans had I for 1 and X for 10 ), later we put it to represent nothing, but it is not nothing, because it sits in the middle of our coordinate system and represents


that is unique to our world, 0 is represented using a circle,

and PI is the intensity of that circle

I have come across concepts in physics that have 720 degree spin, meaning something rotates twice, then turns around rotates back twice, this should mean the PI originating that ratio should be twice as large as ours.

Those who do Divination with Pendulum, they have set standards, that as you lower down the pendulum in your hand, lets say over a hidden copper plate, it would rotate certain number of times (Like 22, for example) then it will stop, and it will rotate back, several...

Pendulum Divination Experts have actually proved that at Harvard U., does not matter who holds the pendulum, if you are sensitive, it will register a certain number on certain metal, although the metal is hidden,

That's how the spaces expresse differently

Now my calling has been to propose number Zero for, the time dimension, that would leave us room for alternate realities in the


I predict that in future these numeric systems for periodic table of elements will be used

And also number Zero for number of element Hydrogen, that is binary 0, Helium binary one and Lithium octal 10 ( all the way to octal 17 for Ne, then octal 20, for Na to octal 27 for Ar) next period is Octadecimal (from 30 for K to 39 for Ni then 3A for Cu to 3H for Kr)

Could someone finish these?

Below is The Ring Nebula (M57) from the Hubble Site,

In a Fractal Universe

Hydrogen is the fractal of the Ring Nebula

We have a Hydrogen Universe,

where planets do not have 2 poles like ours,

neither people have two gender,

they are hermaphrodites like this
"Thiaoouba Prophecy"

And this is the Hourglass Nebula

In our Fractal Form of Universe Helium is a fractal of The Hourglass Nebula

Like our universe where people have two genders,

planets have two poles,

and the sun is predominantly helium

And I'd suggest considering This;

Stingray Nebula

The Fractal of Lithiumthe third element,

Tore Alfstad in Galactic server says

“It is possible that a civilization have 3 genders”

I could not understand this till I, being a cat lover, communicated with two females in my neighbourhood who were also cat lovers; the2 were living together, and one was playing the male role, one the female, and we almost created a 3 gender society,
I was playing the outermost electrons role

Hydrogen, Helium and Lithium,-Electron configurations from:

The University of Sheffield and WebElements Ltd, UK

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