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Three Klein Knot

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On Klein Bottles;

The boundaries of Universe have always been a question for humanity, here I have channeled information.

The Ying and the Yang

The white universe is compressed and tends to expand

The black universe is expanded and needs to compress

The black universe holds the white universe from explosion (rapid expansion)
The white universe holds the black universe from collapse (rapid compression)

I quote Mathematician Martin Gardner, The colossal book of mathematics, spheres and hyper-spheres:

If a flatlander starts to paint the surface of a sphere on which he lived, extending the paint outward in ever widening circles, he would reach a halfway point at which the circles begin to diminish, with himself on the inside, and eventually he would paint himself into a spot.

Similarly in Einstein's cosmos, if terrestrial astronauts began to map the universe in ever expanding spheres, they would eventually map themselves into small globular space on the opposite side of the hyper-sphere.

Every time you draw a line outwards from the center of the white universe you will end up in the center of black universe and vice-versa.

What allows this is the third space that allows the ying yang cycle to rotate ISTHE INNER SPACE and we rotate or function within the Ying Yang (The Klein Bottle consept)

Like the Ying and the Yang,

There are always black holes in the white universe and white holes in the black universe that are connected like Klein Bottles,

And there are "infinite" number of “holes” of different sizes, holes that in higher dimension, - than our 3-dimensional space, - are parts of Klein Bottles

Like the Sun is connected to the center of our Galaxy, and then the Big Bang, via a Klein Bottle that is extended in Time & Space, I believe Hinton the Mathematician tried to introduce this types of viewing to humanity

Even nuclei of atoms are connected to the Big Bang,

In an alternate (parallel) universe atoms might not have nuclei, Matter of above type of Universe has been named "Phase matter"

This is due to fractal formation that copies it's reality from a future expanded state of universe rather than a Big Bang compressed state

The central sun of our Earth (In Hollow Earth Theory

is connected to the Big Crunch via this type of 4-dimensional Klein Bottle

And all of the above concepts are within the Laws of fractals.

Central Sun of the Earth is connected to Sun (of solar system) via a toric lane (torus – like), that is in fractal connection with a Torus Super-Universe as Qumrum Vafa spoke of the first time, along this Solar toric lane lay alternate realities.

In the above figure I tried to map out a partial torus, that is kind of conic that is the Earth (brown) as lines up its alternate realities, there is a caduceus type coil forming it, and above picture also represents another Solar tri-coordinate, (There is a difference between Earthly and Solar Coordinates because Solar Ether is compressed and is in the form of rhombic dodecahedra, it means simultaneously resonate on 12 directions, while the Earth coordinates resonate on a trukadron that is three basic dimensions, plus;)

Solar Tri-coordinate;

One coordinate is the radius of the inner sun,
2nd coordinate is the radius of the "Toric Lane",
The third is Radius of the sun,
There should be mentioned yet another coordinate for the sun that is the radius of the solar torus around the center of gravity of solar system;
For in the center of solar system there are two centers center of gravity,- the dark center; and center of repulsion the light center, the sun rotates around the center of gravity; refer to Dino Kraspedon

There is another torus formation for parallel realities that is perpendicular to the first one and is a toric lane in which the central sun and the inner sun remain somewhat in the same position,

There could be more toric configurations at least one more

the third perpendicular axis to the first two!!

So the Torus Superuniverse that Vafa started, here is extended in three directions perpendicular in higher dimensions

I have read that if one accidentally enters the hollow Earth via its north polar opening (800 Miles) for a little while he might think the central Sun of the Earth (The Smokey God) is the central Sun of Solar System, there exists such a holographic illusion

Let us look at Kevin Trinder’s Pi Spiral

This spiral is formed by gyration of a straight-edge around a circle that means the length of the spiral is equal to a circle that increases its radius constantly from 0 to the circumference of the central circle. So the length of the spiral is equal to circumference of a circle with a radius equal to half of the length of the straight-edge, which would make the diameter of the circle equal to the straight-edge

That would make the ratio of the diameter of the central circle compared to the length of the straight-edge equal to Pi and in turn equal to the ratio of the length of the spiral compared to the length of the straight-edge?

Now let’s look at this growing spherical wave

This growing sphere moves at the white time-space-line; in this motion we are looking for a condition where the yellow color remains yellow;
As the sphere grows moving along the white curve that is the curve of our TORIC LANE, it produces a spring like geometry, yet on the surface of the yellow sphere it follows a path like the Pi Spiral decreasing its “Radius” relative to the growing sphere

The color besides remaining constant Yellow it could turn towards Green that is a Blue-shift due to frequency increase a triangle in that condition would swell resembling a circle, and it could loose its three edged form completely here the space could stretch to add a dimension to itself (add or decrease a percentage of dimension as described in hepercoordinate systems?)

Or the color can turn Orange, Red-shift and a triangle in that condition would shrink and turn to a Deltoid;

Now look at the generation method of a Lemniscate, by Xah Lee

Lemniscate of Bernoulli can be generated by this linkage;
AB == AC == a, CE == BE == EF == a/Sqrt[2]

Now see that such a lemniscate's generating patterns would be present in the motion of our Yellow rhombus and other surrounding rhombuses as they rotate along the Pi Spiral

As it rotates our image of it will rotate around the red dotted line that is the rhombuses will squeeze and decrease in one diameter and would eventually become a line and then gradually they’d turn to a rhombus again;-this motion has similarities with lemniscate's generation, and actually a lemniscate is generated in this conditions in our reality,
Yet in its hyper conditions the lemniscate would resemble a Caduceus Coil

Here is a hyperlink to a caduceus coil function Website:

and this hyper structure of universal waves in geometry of our Earth has been first introduced by Albert Einstein as curvature of Space
As we try to draw Einstein’s curved Space-Time, we have point A where gravitational constant is 32 feet / square foot

Or if XX’ coordinate is the gravitational constant and YY’ coordinate is altitude

Considering also The Hollow Earth Theory, expecting the gravity to be zero 400 Miles underground and have opposite gravity 800 Miles under ground, I cannot draw a diagram unless I rotate the paper another words the diagram is a conical spiral, and if we put an opposite to it like A Caduceus coil to maintain balance we will just come up with the spring in the TORIC LANE, and this Caduceus concept the duality of it has fractal similarity to HELIUM ,as we look at the sun we see dominant Helium factor,- Our universe the Fractal of Helium, that is to say we can find as many parallel earths as there are elements in the periodic table

In our timeline we have had few Big Bangs, the Sun is a fractal of the Last Bang and The Smokey God = the Central Sun of the Hollow Earth is fractal of the Next Crunch, this is how our holoform is;
Although unobservable to us within the period between these two bangs The Bang Action is a continual process that has a fractal in our immediate reality also that connects the Smokey God to the Sun of our Solar System, in what is called a Toric lane (Toric is similar concept / a fractal of Torus Universe or Superuniverse of Qumrum Vafa, The Persian Physicist) Around this Solar Toric Lane Our Planet Earth has also a Toric lane around it, another words Earth from a Superuniversal point of view is a torus, that the Caduceus coil Type force field is described in this essay, this is why Caduceus coil has been linked to time travel, it is a part of our hyper-structure

Here Tore Alfstad shows a diagram of what he calls a superuniverse

Yet my channeled idea is that the above Superuniverse, Multiverse, or better terminolgy, -Omniverse, - is in fact a line up of 12 universes on an equiangular Spiral like the one below, By Xah Lee !??

Viewed from hyperspace there are many spirals at the same place, the angles associated to equiangularity vary and in fact, in your imagination grab the center of the spiral and pull it out to make it a conical equiangular spiral and put several such cones one inside the other and connect Similar points on each cone to the next one , you will come up with bunch of curved boxes that each one of them is a universe,

Attention that when you draw these equiangular conical spirals, and put few of them one inside the other and connect identical points with lines, all these lines you draw and the spirals in hyper reality are blazing solar tori;- light lines

The central line of this conical complex ( Carrot; as I channeled a reference name for it) is the Big Bang line, actually the Big Bang is referred to as the curve of the filament; the filament being the central line;- the Big Bang line, the rest of the lines that are the spiral lines and the lines that connect similar points on those spirals together are solar light lines, so Each Universe assuming sort of cubic has three such solar belts perpendicular three “Square Tori”, yet these square Tori are “Omni dimensional”, depending which dimensional perspective we look at them they look different, it could be viewed as universe is surrounded with such light, the light we see only the solar flare of it, that comes to us in a Klein-like bottle,

The narrow end of the Carrot has a distance from Absolute
From the narrow end of the Carrot to the base of a line perpendicular from our position to the filament is a Solar dimension coordinate

Another Solar dimension coordinate is from the filament to our universe

Another Solar dimension coordinate is our distance from the Square Tori around the universe

Another one is our distance from solar torus around Galaxy

Observer, GOD, Consciousness, Us is always present at all aspects, that is within us and is everywhere and nowhere because is on the third Klein configuration

*This Channel here

Iargan author knows about the existence of matter in three configurations (and its opposite possibilities as anti-matter); i.e., time-matter, phase-matter

and our universe is reflection matter or fractal,

The universal fractals of Jupiter and gas giants have similarities with what above author calls phase matter;

As discussed in the beginning of the Gyroscope post;- it could be proposed that Earth time actually flows backwards,-where to the contrary of Earth around our “HYPERGIANT”-Planets like Jupiter,- time flows fast forward at a highly accelerated speed, because the matter there is in a position relative to the cosmic intensity wave, (side effect of the Big Bang in fractals),- that the wave would cause it to loose it's pressure so it goes fast forward in time to compensate that situation, in a condition like that the fractal of time flow imitates the future, so maybe there is no nucleus in the atom and the energy within the atom is concentrated towards the surface area ???
Consider Jupiter, Saturn & Uranus a fractal formation of this type of existence (Phase-Reflection Matter)

Time matter is like Sombrero galaxie, the intermidiate way;-

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